8th Annual High Potential®
Hooparama Showcase
Saturday, November 21, 2009
at Bullitt East H.S. in Mt. Washington, KY

The Lineup
(first team is the home team)
(all games are Eastern Standard Time)
(Mt. Washington Bullitt East is the host school)
8:00 AM    Bullitt East vs Assumption (JV Game)
9:00 AM    Bullitt East vs Assumption (Varsity)
11:00 AM    DuPont Manual vs Clay County (JV Game)
12:00 PM    DuPont Manual vs Clay County (Varsity)
2:00 PM    Louisville CAL vs Owensboro Catholic (JV Game)
3:00 PM    Louisville CAL vs Owensboro Catholic (Varsity)
5:00 PM    Sacred Heart vs North Hardin (JV Game)
6:00 PM    Sacred Heart vs North Hardin (Varsity)
8:00 PM    Mercy vs Nelson County (JV Game)
9:00 PM    Mercy vs Nelson County (Varsity)

(Listed alphabetically)
Destiny Bramblett    5-11/Sr    Radcliff North Hardin
Annamarie Campbell    5-11/Jr    Louisville Sacred Heart
Morgan Clemons    5-10/Jr    Louisville Sacred Heart
Malisa Cruz    5-8/Sr    Louisville Mercy
China Dow    5-8/Fr    Louisville Christian Academy
Samantha Drake    6-3/Sr    Bardstown Nelson Co.
Molly Ernst    6-0/Sr    Louisville Assumption
Becca Greenwell    5-11/Fr    Owensboro Catholic
Jackie Hafele    5-11/Sr    Louisville Sacred Heart
Lacy Hagan    5-8/Sr    Bardstown Nelson County
Whitney Jackson    6-1/Jr    Manchester Clay County
Allison Karst    5-10/Sr    Louisville Christian Academy
Zakiyah Martin    6-2/Sr    Louisville Dupont Manual
Sara Minogue    5-9/Sr    Louisville Assumption
Therese Montano    5-9/Sr    Louisville Mercy
Jessica Philpott    5-5/Jr    Mt. Washington Bullitt East
Shelby Romine    5-10/Sr    Mt. Washington Bullitt East
Antonita Slaughter    6-2/Sr    Louisville Christian Academy
Jennifer Smiley    5-5/Sr    Radcliff North Hardin
Autumn Miller    5-6/Sr    Louisville Sacred Heart
Kayla Thacker    5-10/Sr    Mt. Washington Bullitt East
April Wilson    5-7/So    Louisville DuPont Manual

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Directed by Rick Bolus (High Potential® Basketball)
over 30 years experience as a scout and camp director


Game coverage will be provided upon completion of the event.


Bullitt East

Coach Chris Stallings' Lady Chargers finished 23-9 last season and are one of the favorites to capture the 6th Region title.  5-10 Sr. guard Kayla Thacker is a versatile player with good court vision who scores off the dribble or with her jump shot.  5-11 Sr. frontliner Shelby Romine hits the boards well and has good range on her jump shot.  5-5 Jr. guard Jessica Philpott handles the ball, scores, and defends.  5-9 Sr. Jade Troutman is expected to be a valuable contributor and Coach Stallings has several other players expected to log quality minutes. 

Louisville Assumption

Coach Ron Ferch's Rockets had a 15-13 record last season but finished strong in a very strong 7th Region.  6-0 Sr. guard Molly Ernst averaged 17.5 ppg last season and is deadly from the perimeter.  5-9 Sr. Sara Minogue (8 ppg, 6 rpg) scores well inside and is a good defender.  5-7 Sr. Kayla McMahon is a strong, hard-nosed player who will move to the point this season.  5-9 Jr. guard Maggie Hartlage is a versatile performer who can play anywhere on the floor.  5-7 Sr. Paige Mullen is a high energy performer who scould be a double digit scorer this season.  Young players expected to make an impact this season include 5-10 So. forward Morgan Foley and 5-7 Fr. guard Dee Dee Sliter

DuPont Manual

Coach Stacy Pendleton's Lady Crimsons finished 24-7 last season and should contend for the 7th Region crown this season.  6-2 Sr. forward Zakiyah Martin is an aggressive defender who scores well inside and can step out to hit the jump shot.  5-10 Jr. forward Mechael Guess is very athletic, defends, and finishes at the rim.  5-7 So. April Wilson is an excellent guard and leader who displayed exceptional skills this summer.  5-10 So. guard Kara Wright is long and athletic and is an excellent finisher in the lane.  5-7 So. guard Lauren Bodine is deadly from the outside and has an excellent pullup jump shot off the dribble.  5-7 So. point guard LeAsia Wright is a jet quick guard and is a lock-down defender.  6-1 Fr. guard Kayla Styles has the complete package and has the skills to make a huge impact this season. 

Clay County

Coach James Burchell's Lady Tigers finished 25-10 last season and are favored to capture the 13th Region crown again this year.  6-1 Jr. center Whitney Belle Jackson is effective in the paint with power moves to the basket.  5-10 Sr. Jordan Phillips (11 ppg) is another inside scoring threat.  The Lady Tigers also have talent and experience in the backcourt with 5-9 Sr. Danielle Fox, 5-7 Jr. Kayla Smith, and 5-6 So. Alisha Mitchell

Christian Academy of Louisville

Coach Don Rice's Lady Centurions finished 25-5 last season and will be another strong contender for the 7th Region title.  6-2 Sr. guard Antonita Slaughter is a skilled player with excellent range on her jump shot.  5-10 Sr. guard Allison Karst and 5-11 Sr. forward Anna Hart are good returning veterans.  5-8 Fr. guard China Dow is strong, athletic, penetrates well, and can hit the jump shot.  Coach Rice has a nice mix of seasoned veterans and promising freshmen who should have an impact. 

Owensboro Catholic

Coach Ray Zuberer's Lady Aces finished 21-10 last season, graduated six seniors but still has enough talent returning to be very competitive in the 3rd Region wars this season.  5-11 Fr. Becca Greenwell is a versatile swing player who is a versatile scorer (18.2 ppg) and a good rebounder.  5-6 Sr. forward Kaley Robertson and 5-6 Sr. Kaitlyn Elder are returning veterans who will be expected to be key contributors this season.  Robertson added 10.4 ppg last season.  Coach Zuberer had several underclassmen who will be expected to contribute this season. 

Sacred Heart Academy

Coach Donna Moir's Valkyries finished 25-5 last season and will once again will be a force in the 7th Region race this season.  5-6 Sr. guard Autumn Miller averaged 13.5 ppg last season and has excellent range on her shot.  5-11 Sr. forward Jackie Hafele is very athletic and can score, rebound, and defend.  5-11 Jr. center Morgan Clemons scores inside, rebounds, and defends.  5-4 Jr. guard Maddie Peabody is quick in transition and leads the Valkyries in steals.  5-11 Jr. forward Annamarie Campbell is a good mid-range shooter and an excellent defender.  5-11 Jr. guard Monica McGreal is an excellent perimeter defender who has good range on her jump shot.  5-7 Sr. guard Leah Storch, 5-5 Jr. guard Hannah Washle, 5-5 Jr. guard Katie Bishop, and 5-9 Sr. forward Mary Gordon Stough are also expected to be key contributors. 

North Hardin

Coach James Slaven's Lady Trojans finished 24-6 last season but suffered a set-back over the summer when 5-4 Jr. guard RaeChaun Edwards moved to Virginia.  The Lady Trojans still have a lot of talent returning to challenge for the 5th Region crown.  5-11 Sr. forward Destiny Bramblett averaged 17 ppg and 11 rpg last season.  5-5 Sr. point guard Jennifer Smiley is a versatile performer who averaged 12 ppg last season.  5-8 Fr. forward Chanel Roberts averaged 8 ppg and 6 rpg.  5-3 Sr. guard Lexi Taft is also a key returnee. 

Mercy Academy

Coach Mark Evans' Mercy Jaguars finished 19-8 last season and the Jaguars will as usual contend for the 7th Region title.  5-9 Sr. guard Therese Montano is a multi-talented guard who is a versatile scorer and a tireless worker.  5-8 Sr. Malisa Cruz is a hard-nosed swing player with good range on her shot.  The Jaguars also have a very talented guard trio in 5-5 Jr. Lauren Faris, 5-8 Jr. Juliann Miller, and 5-8 Sr. Ellen Sholtes.  Mercy will always give a big effort and if they can stay healthy and rebound the ball could be an extremely dangerous foe.

Nelson County

Coach Kelly Wood's Lady Cardinals finished 27-6 last season and should be a factor in the 5th Region again this year.  6-3 Sr. center Samantha Drake is a mobile inside performer who puts up big numbers in scoring and rebounding.  5-8 Sr. guard Lacy Hagan is an excellent perimeter shooter and 5-5 Sr. Emily Hogan is also a key returnee. 


I will, for the sake of clarity, give scores for four quarters, both halves, and the combined score depending on how the individual game was portioned.   Any stats included are not official, but for the most part recorded by me personally.   I don't put a lot of stock in scrimmage scores as each coach approaches the scrimmages with different goals.   Please understand that these are scrimmages and coaches are experimenting with substitution rotations and using this event as a teaching tool and to prepare for the upcoming season.   Also, since the games are divided into quarters/halves with the score being erased after each period, the coaches treat each period as a new game for teaching purposes.  

Bullitt East vs. Assumption

Bullitt East Coach Chris Stallings started the following lineup:  5-10 Sr. Shelby Romine, 5-9 Sr. Jade Troutman, 5-10 Sr. Samantha Johnson, 5-6 Jr. Jessica Philpott, and 5-11 Sr. Kayla Thacker.  Assumption Coach Ron Ferch countered with 6-0 Sr. Molly Ernst, 5-9 Sr. Sara Minogue, 5-10 So. Morgan Foley, 5-7 Fr. Dee Dee Sliter, and 5-9 Jr. Maggie Hartlage

Bullitt East held a combined score advantage of 68-56 over Assumption.  

Kayla Thacker was named Game MVP for Bullitt East and led the Lady Chargers with 23 points and 12 rebounds.  Jade Troutman added 17 points including three three point baskets.  Shelby Romine recorded eight points and 13 rebounds.  Molly Ernst was named Game MVP for Assumption and led the Rockets with 13 points.  Maggie Hartlage added 12 points. 

Bullitt East 68   Assumption 56

School H1H2 Total
Bullitt East 35 33 68
Assumption 23 33 56

Bullitt East (68) - Romine 8, Troutman 17, Johnson 6, Philpott 5, Thacker 23, Isabel 4, Polson 3, Stevens 2.
Assumption (56) - Ernst 13, Minogue 6, Foley 4, Sliter 8, Hartlage 12, McMahon 2, White 3, Oppel 6, Ochsner 2.

duPont Manual vs. Clay County

Manual Coach Stacy Pendleton started the following lineup:  5-10 So. Kara Wright, 5-7 So. Lauren Bodine, 5-10 Jr. Mechael Guess, 5-4 Jr. Raven Hester, and 5-7 So. April Wilson.  Clay County Coach James Burchell countered with 5-10 Sr. Jordan Phillips, 5-9 Sr. Danielle Fox, 6-1 Jr. Whitney Belle Jackson, 5-7 Jr. Kayla Smith, and 5-5 So. Alisha Mitchell

Manual held a combined score advantage of 81-68 over Clay County.  

Mechael Guess was named Game MVP for Manual and led the Lady Crimsons with 19 points.  6-1 Fr. Kayla Styles added 17 points.  Kara Wright and 6-2 Sr. Zhakiyah Martin recorded 14 and 10 points respectively.   Alisha Mitchell was named Game MVP for Clay County and led the Lady Tigers with 22 points.  Kayla Smith and Danielle Fox added 15 and 13 points respectively.  

duPont Manual 81   Clay County 68

School H1H2 Total
duPont Manual 37 44 81
Clay County 28 40 68

duPont Manual (81) - K. Wright 14, Bodine 3, Guess 19, Hester 2, Wilson 9, Styles 17, Martin 10, L. Wright 7.
Clay County (68) - Phillips 3, Fox 13, Jackson 9, K. Smith 15, Mitchell 22, S. Smith 2, Chestnut 4.

Christian Academy of Louisville vs. Owensboro Catholic

CAL Coach Don Rice started the following lineup:  5-10 Sr. Allison Karst, 5-11 Sr. Anna Hart, 6-2 Sr. Antonita Slaughter, 5-6 Jr. Emily Walden, and 5-8 Fr. China Dow.  Owensboro Catholic Coach Ray Zuberer countered with 5-11 Fr. Becca Greenwell, 5-5 Sr. Martina Riney, 5-11 So. Mary Kate Clemens, 5-6 Sr. Kaitlyn Elder, and 5-4 Fr. Leah Greathouse

CAL held a combined score advantage of 77-46 over Owensboro Catholic.  

The coaches in this game decided to play four 10 minute quarters instead of two 20 minute halves.   The score was a bit misleading as the coaches decided to play their younger players the entire third quarter and CAL held a 28-2 advantage.   The combined score of the other quarters showed CAL holding a 49-44 advantage.  

Allison Karst was named Game MVP for CAL and led the Lady Centurions with 17 points.  Antonita Slaughter and China Dow recorded 13 and 11 points respectively.   Becca Greenwell was named Game MVP for Owensboro Catholic and led the Lady Aces with 24 points.  Mary Kate Clemens added 11 points. 

Christian Academy of Louisville 77   Owensboro Catholic 46

School Q1Q2Q3Q4 Total
Christian Academy of Louisville 23 12 28 14 77
Owensboro Catholic 18 16 2 10 46

Christian Academy of Louisville (77) - Karst 17, Hart 8, Slaughter 13, Walden 0, Dow 11, Duff 1, Joss 6, Malloy 4, Erickson 7, Dale 9.
Owensboro Catholic (46) - Greenwell 24, Riney 2, Clemens 11, Elder 2, Greathouse 0, Yevincy 5, Murphy 2.

Sacred Heart Academy vs. North Hardin

Sacred Heart Coach Donna Moir started the following lineup:  5-11 Sr. Jackie Hafele, 5-11 Jr. Annamarie Campbell, 5-11 Jr. Morgan Clemons, 5-5 Jr. Hannah Washle, and 5-6 Sr. Autumn Miller.  North Hardin Coach James Slaven countered with 5-11 Sr. Destiny Bramblett, 5-4 So. Brianna Woodson, 5-11 Jr. Tkeyah Chatman, 5-3 Sr. Lexi Taft, and 5-5 Sr. Jennifer Smiley

Sacred Heart held a combined score advantage of 72-44 over North Hardin.  

Morgan Clemons was named Game MVP for Sacred Heart and led the Valkyries with 17 points and 19 rebounds.  Jackie Hafele added 14 points and 10 rebounds.  5-9 Sr. Mary Gordon Stough chipped in with 11 points.  Annamarie Campbell recorded 11 points and 16 rebounds.  Autumn Miller went down early with a knee injury which was believed to be hyperextended. Jennifer Smiley was named Game MVP for North Hardin and led the Lady Trojans with 15 points.  Lexi Taft and 5-8 Fr. Chanel Roberts added eight points each.  

Sacred Heart Academy 72   North Hardin 44

School H1H2 Total
Sacred Heart Academy 38 34 72
North Hardin 22 22 44

Sacred Heart Academy (72) - Hafele 14, Campbell 10, Clemons 17, Washle 6, Miller 0, McGreal 6, Stough 11, Tubb 8.
North Hardin (44) - Bramblett 6, Woodson 0, Chatman 4, Taft 8, Smiley 15, Jones 5, Roberts 8.

Mercy Academy vs. Nelson County

Mercy Academy Coach Mark Evans started the following lineup:  5-10 So. Christine Roush, 5-8 Sr. Malisa Cruz, 5-11 So. Courtney Roush, 5-8 Jr. Emily Goetz, and 5-8 Sr. Ellen Sholtes.  Nelson County Coach Kelly Wood countered with 5-7 Sr. Lacy Hagan, 5-9 Sr. Charity Watson, 5-8 Fr. A. J. Lewis, 5-7 So. Paige Clark, and 5-5 Sr. Emily Hogan

Note: 6-3 Sr. Samantha Drake (Nelson County) did not play, recovering from illness, and 5-9 Sr. Therese Montano (Mercy) was out with an injury.  

Mercy held a combined score advantage of 84-50 over Nelson County.   Mercy captured the first half with a 53-17 score as their press created problems for Nelson County.   Mercy played a zone for most of the second half and Nelson County held a 33-31 advantage.  

Courtney Roush was named Game MVP for Mercy and led the Jaguars with 19 points.  Ellen Sholtes added 15 points.  5-8 Jr. Juliann Miller, Emily Goetz, and Christine Roush also reached double figures with 11, 10, and 10 points respectively.   A. J. Lewis was named Game MVP for Nelson County and led the Lady Cardinals with 13 points.  Lacy Hagan added nine points on three three point baskets. 

Mercy Academy 84   Nelson County 50

School H1H2 Total
Mercy Academy 53 31 84
Nelson County 17 33 50

Mercy Academy (84) - Ch. Roush 10, Cruz 8, Co. Roush 19, Goetz 10, Sholtes 15, Faris 1, Eberle 2, Russ 1, Miller 11, Richardson 2, Hemming 1, Hartlage 5.
Nelson County (50) - Hagan 9, Watson 1, Lewis 13, Clark 0, Hogan 2, Mattingly 3, Wimsett 8, Maupin 6, Mudd 1, C. Drake 8.


This was an excellent day of pre-season basketball, with both JV and varsity squads playing today.  There was some excellent talent on display today both veteran and underclassmen.  Also remember several of the teams were missing key players today for various reasons.  Some of the key players missing included Lindey Young (Bullitt East), Kaley Robertson (Owensboro Catholic), Maddie Peabody (Sacred Heart), Samantha Drake (Nelson County), and Therese Montano (Mercy).  

Kayla Thacker (Bullitt East) played well today, recording a double-double (scoring and rebounding).   Jade Troutman (Bullitt East) shot the ball well from the perimeter.   Shelby Romine (Bullitt East) is a capable scorer and excellent rebounder.   Molly Ernst (Assumption) can stroke the outside jumper.   Mechael Guess (Manual) is a high energy performer who is tremendously athletic.   Manual has tremendous talent and 6-1 Fr. Kayla Styles is destined for stardom.   Danielle Fox , Alisha Mitchell , and Kayla Smith shot the ball well for Clay County.   Whitney Belle Jackson gives Clay County a presence in the paint.  

Becca Greenwell (Owensboro Catholic) is as good as advertised.   Mary Kate Clemens (Owensboro Catholic) is a promising young frontliner.   CAL has some excellent veteran talent in Antonita Slaughter , Allison Karst , and Anna Hart , plus an excellent freshman in China Dow .   Keep an eye on this team.   Slaughter will be a strong contender for Miss Basketball.  

Destiny Bramblett and Jennifer Smiley give Coach Slaven (North Hardin) two excellent scoring options.   Sacred Heart got excellent inside play today from Morgan Clemons , Jackie Hafele , and Annamarie Campbell .   A. J. Lewis had a good game for Nelson County and Lacy Hagan can shoot the ball from outside.   Courtney Roush and Ellen Sholtes played well for Mercy today and Juliann Miller gave Coach Evans a lot of energy coming off the bench.   Mercy has an excellent guard rotation and Courtney Roush provided the inside game today.  

Several of these teams, if they can get everyone healthy and stay healthy could make a deep run in tourney play. 


A special thanks to Rick Bolus and Chris Stallings for all their hard work in making this event work.  I would highly recommend this event for any team looking for a quality pre-season event to prepare their team for the regular season.  Any coach wishing to inquire about next year's event may contact Rick Bolus at 502-543-7308 or by email at bolus@insightbb.com.


Team capsules and game results are ©2009 by Ron Harrison. 

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